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I wasn’t sure how the removal process was going to be. I kept hearing horror stories about how it is so much worse than the initial ink was. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the practice and the confidence of the staff. They are super friendly and know exactly what they are doing, making the whole process more enjoyable. Though I don’t think you can really enjoy getting zapped by a laser… Tattoo Must Go exceeded all expectations.

C Taylor

I had four treatments before I had to move away from Denver. Very professional, clean and safe. The tat is barely visible and if I was still in the area I would go to him for my last treatment…maybe on my next trip to Denver. Excellent.


My fiance and I each had a session a couple of weeks ago… friendly, clean, professional place! Awesome! Thank you!!


I had my first session yesterday to get my tattoo removed from years ago, I would recommend them to anyone.


Tattoo Must Go does a great job. I have had 2 treatments already on my knuckles and about to have another one. They’re kind, respectful, and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a tattoo to be removed.


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