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Tattoo Removal Laser

Today, lasers are the gold standard for tattoo removal. With the development of laser technology, using the Astanza Duality, we have moved far beyond the use of acids and surgery for tattoo removal. Expensive creams are available that seem to have little more efficacy than toothpaste.

laser removal technology

Two wavelengths—and twice as powerful.

The Q-Switched laser removal system, by Astanza Duality, provides a system of unsurpassed capability, flexibility and efficiency. 95% of our patients are satisfied with their results when a laser treatment is performed by the Astanza Duality.

The utmost in versatility.

With the Q-Switched, you can easily change between wavelengths, select spot sizes (2mm/3mm) for customized client treatment and deliver more energy where it’s needed for faster treatment of large areas.

Twice the power.

Technological advances allow the Quality Switched laser to focus more energy during tattoo removal.

Technologically advanced.

The system’s short pulses—which have greater peak power than longer pulses—are extremely effective at breaking up tattoos (see Figure). What’s more, with its high repetition rates, the Q-Switched laser system provides faster treatment sessions.

State-of-the-art laser design.

The built-in amplifier helps deliver high power and a uniform beam profile that heightens client comfort. In addition, the well-balanced articulated arm is ergonomically designed to maximize ease of treatment.

The R20 Tattoo Removal Method

Laser Tattoo removal treatments form tiny vapor bubbles in the skin (frosting) that looks like fine white powder. Ordinarily, this frost refracts the laser beam preventing it from penetrating the skin. After 15-20 minutes the frost disappears making it possible to do another treatment or “pass”. The R20 Tattoo Removal method simply waits for this to happen and lets us treat clients 3-4 times in one visit. The result of the R20 method is 50-85% clearing in a single session. Please keep in mind the risk of scarring is higher than our regular, recommended treatments. The price is the cost of treatment times 4.

skin pigment diagram